Interested in baking yourself?

Was there something so good that you want to make it yourself at home? Here we have collected the recipes for some of our dishes and snacks. If you do not find what you are looking for, you can always contact us.

Färnas semlor

Do you love rolls as much as we do? They are just a must in February!

Färna’s asparagus marmalade

When you want that little extra for the weekend's cheese plate. Or why not with freshly baked scones?

Nettle inspiration

This loved and hated weed is now in the best time to harvest, as it is the small tender and fine leaves that are best suited for cooking.

Färna’s dill-pickled gherkins

An absolutely fantastic accessory for ingredients such as Kalix rum, smoked pikeperch, as a complement in the summer salad or just to be enjoyed as it is.

Ewa’s cinnamon buns

Now there will be other buns!

Färna loaf with lingonberries

A coarse bread baked with a variety of flours and seeds, as well as a little syrup for taste.

Black trumpet mushroom soup

This creamy soup is perfect for chilly autumn evenings.

Sourdough bread

Bake our lovely sourdough bread. You prepare the dough the day before.