Here at Färna, the beverage is very close to the heart of our Head Sommelier and also Head Chef Inga-Lena Eriksson.

“Having the privilege of holding both roles are fantastic! The thought that when a new dish starts to grow, the beverage always comes into play immediately. Sometimes the roles are reversed so a wine is in the first thought and the dish is created for it”

Like the seasonal work we do in the kitchen with the ingredients, the drink also follows the different seasons and is combined with care. We love the personal relationship with the small-scale wine houses, the family-owned vineyards where Inga-Lena has been several times on site and got to experience their work, history and products. The wine list is built with a preferenc e for the old world such as Italy, France and Spain, but also with a curiosity towards the new world. In our wine list, you often find a style of cool-grown wines along the coasts where the grapes are allowed to cool down at night when the temperature drops and they are embraced by a cool breeze to rest.

If you have any questions about the beverages while you are here or want to see our wine cellar, just ask one of us because believe it or not, there are five sommeliers working here at Färna.

A couple of times a year we invite a winemaker to a weekend entirely dedicated to wine. As a guest, you get to meet the winemaker, participate in a wine tasting where the winemaker explains everything about his region, and guide you through a large selection of the win es from the winery. After the wine tasting, you as a guest get to mingle with the winemaker and get the chance to ask questions! The evening begins by enjoying a specially composed dinner created to match the wines of the weekend’s guest of honor.

drycken på Färna

Beverage at Färna

Färna’s wine suppliers

We collaborate with some of Sweden’s best wine suppliers who are experts in capturing the best wines in the world! Several of them also have wine clubs where you as a private person can take part in exclusive launches, courses, tastings etc.

Johan Lidby vinhandel
Since the start in 1999, they have inspired and awakened the desire to discover new flavors. Today, their portfolio consists of approximately 400 types of wine and spirits distributed among approximately 75 producers. They mainly collaborate with smaller, family-owned wineries where the passion for craftsmanship and taste comes first. Just the way we like it.

Vingruppen I Norden
The Nordic wine group consists of five importers – Vinunic, Wineworld, the Wineagency, Valid Wines and Quaffable Wines. Together they have one of the industry’s widest ranges and they all share the same passion and commitment to the products and their producers just like us.


Carefully selects wines from around the world with curiosity, passion and insight. They represent world-renowned properties and exciting new challengers, small family-owned businesses and international players of a larger scale.

POMPETTE is a beverage retailer whose focus is on wine. They represent producers who make unadorned wines and stand for sustainable work. But above all, they work with wine farmers who make very good wine. In a trend-sensitive wine world, they have chosen not to place their producers in any compartment, but instead believe that really good wine can speak for itself. They value winemakers who can mediate the feeling of their origin and who believe that a wine is created as much in the vineyard as in the winery.

Färna’s beer suppliers

We cooperate with several Swedish beer suppliers through out our long country, but just like our close farmers, we have an extra fondness for our close brewers.

Västerås-based Coppersmith with fo under Petri Karhukorpi in charge is one of the breweries we collaborate with. The brewery delivered the first beer to Systembolaget in the summer of 2014, already that autumn they won a national launch at Systembolaget with Coppersmith’s White IPA and seve ral wonderful products have since taken shape.

Ferna Forge Brewery
Our nearest neighbour Ferna Forge Brewery is said to be Sweden’s nicest brewery and brews good beer that is sold in local restaurants and Systembolaget. Ferna Forge also brews our own beer Färna Lager which is a California Common.  A fantastic beer that was created together with our own chefs. You are welcome to book an appointment in their fine brewery for tasting and a tour.

Färna’s beverage suppliers

We love our close beverage suppliers and the non-alcoholic beverage suppliers in particular when one of the comes from the large plantation on our own land and the lovely muster from the apple plantations in Köping, but the gin comes from Västerås.

Färna Odlingar
Färna Odlingar has 50,000 blackcurrant plants and 20,000 rhubarb plants growing here on Färna’s land. We are of course very proud of this, so black currants and rhubarb often appear on our menu and in our drink list they are obvious feature. Their premium drinks, Black Currants and Rhubarb, which have received wonderful awards and won fine prizes, are available both still and sparkling.

Köping Musteri
One of our close neighbours is also a dear beverage supplier to us. Köping Musteri is a family business where craftsmanship, the use of the land and the precise science of manufacturing are at the heart of everything they do. Their apple plantations contain over 6,000 apple trees and they are Sweden’s first organic commercial fruit farm which today has expanded to both pears and plums. In total, they now have approx. 10 ha of land with fruits and berry plantations where all the harvest goes to their beverage production. The love for the Swedish raw material really shows in their products, which have also won numerous prizes and awards.

Västerås Destilleri
Salar and Emelie are the founders of the Västerås Destilleri, where several of their gins have won fine prizes. For us, it goes without saying that it is precisely this and the care for quality that that made the collaboration for our own Färna Garden Gin! A gin distilled from ingredients from Färna’s garden such as green blackcurrant leaves, green junipers and spruce shoots, among other things. Färna’s garden gin is of course available in our bars!


Färnas wine list

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In the glass 

Our head chef & sommelier, Inga-Lena Eriksson, suggests a new beverage to try.