Färna a place for the soul

With the proximity to both nature reserves, eco-parks and our beautiful lakes, Färna Herrgård & Spa offers almost endless opportunities to discover the fantastic nature that surrounds us. So take a break from the pace of the big city and come out to the tranquility of nature. Tickle the senses with culinary experiences, massages, spas, historic environments and magical hiking trails in enchanted nature.

Färna’s main area
for sustainability

At Färna, we have agreed on 3 main areas that we will place extra emphasis on in our sustainability work. We do this in collaboration with control authorities and other stakeholders in our areas.

Färna for the Environment

We have been Svan Eco-labelled since 2016. Through this label, we have taken a comprehensive approach to our environmental work in order to contribute to a more sustainable development to reduce the climate burden, contribute to cleaner land and water, increase biological diversity and have clear routines for our purchases. The strict environmental requirements that we have achieved are checked annually by the Swan.  

Färna for the Food

We have been KRAV-labelled since 2006. Using KRAV-labelled raw materials and ingredients not only contributes to a better environment and healthier animal husbandry, but it also contributes to good health and social responsibility. But we also care for our close farmers, the ones we meet, where we greet the animals and look at the crops. This means that we know what it is we are serving to our guests. The natural ingredients that are in season are the basis of all our cooking. To help us, we also have our nearby farmers, Bergslagen’s forests and our own kitchen garden where our menu s follow the season of the ingredients, in other words when the ingredients are at their best.

Färna for everyone

For us, it is a matter of course to work based on human rights and to ensure a sustainable working environment with us, but also with our suppliers. Our staff is the most important resource we have and is a large part of Färna’s development going forward. We care about being an equal and inclusive workplace where we have trust and confidence in each other. We see diversity as a strength as we today have several nationalities working with us and where we learn from each other, which is absolutely fantastic.

We contribute every year with internships for both local and international educations. For us, this is an important part of our business, not only to have the opportunity to give back, but also to be able to contribute to the future of the industry. Where many of our interns also get jobs with us after completing their training.

Goals and faith in the future

Our goal for the future is to contin ue to increase our share of organic and locally produced goods in the business. We will increase knowledge and raise awareness of sustainability issues among all employees, suppliers and guests. At us, we see sustainability-enhancing measures as investments for the future and we will constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company to contribute to the smallest possible impact on the future of our next generation. We will continue and expand our collaboration with schools and apprenticeships in order to contribute to continued competence development within our industry and for the hospitality industry in Sweden.