Honest food from our nearby farmers

Nibble Gårdsgris

The pork we serve here at Färna comes from Magnus & Lena at Nibble Gård outside Västerås. Nibble Gård’s fantastic meat products come from a genuine respect for both the animals and nature. They are the very first pig breeder to become climate certified.

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Köpings musteri

We get must and cider from the organic apple farms in Köping. In 2014, two neighboring families outside Köping decided to plant apple trees on their farmland and acquire mustery machines to produce quality drinks from Swedish raw materials. Köping’s Musteri was formed and two organic apple farms were founded. In 2016, a full-grown northern organic fruit farm was added in Bergs Äppelgård, Hallstahammar.

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Hebo Trädgård

Ted Oscarsson from Hebo Trädgård outside Sala delivers KRAV-grown vegetables in absolute world class! The farm is focused on growing organic vegetables with delicacies such as potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, turnips, parsnips, artichokes and celeriac.

Karlersgårdens Mejeri

Karlersgården is a farm where they sell their cheeses, honey from their own apiary, vegetables from their own farm and eggs. This is a real little dairy pearl with fanta stic cheeses, known far beyond Hedemora’s borders. The Eldosten is a must! Karlersgården is a multiple winner in the Swedish Food Craft Championship, and we are very proud of our collaboration with them.

Tvetalund Lantbruk

Beautifully located in the count ryside just outside Köping in Västmanland is Tvetalund farm. What all family members on the farm have in common is the love for the food and the nature.

Gröna Hagars kött

A large part of the meat that we serve comes from our nearby farmers in Norra Västmanland. Gröna Hagars Kött is a group of KRAV-approved farmers who collaborate with farm sales of organic lamb and beef, charcuterie and fine lamb skins. From these farmers we take a large part of the meat we serve here at Färna. Often our head chef Inga-Lena herself takes a trip out to visit our them and pick up supplies.

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Färna Odlingar

For a long time there was a flourishing commercial garden with apple trees and large plantations. Now our fields have been given new life with the help of Johan Matsanders and Färna Odlingar. Around the Manor there are now 50,000 blackcurrant bushes & 15,000 rhubarb plants and to ensure the pollination of the berry bushes there are now also beehives. Johan produces rhubarb & blackcurrant drinks, jams, mulled wine & honey.

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At Michael & Christina outside Enköping, around 60 Jämtgetter thrive. It also creates delicious goat cheeses such as chevre, fresh cheeses, white caprine & delicious blue cheese. Take the opportunity to swing by Vallgarns if you have the roads past!

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