Our chef & sommelier, Inga-Lena Eriksson, suggests a new noble drink to try. 

Spring weather usually offers reasonably warm days and cool evenings. What could be better than a warming cognac?

With turnips on our minds for the last few months, we long for spring with its wonderful Swedish primroses. I’m frantically browsing through this year’s seed catalogue and my fingers are itching to get started with the pre-cultivation of seeds. Färna’s kitchen garden will be planned and discussed.

But first we have Easter ahead of us, and hope you all get to spend time with loved ones, with food and drink in focus.
The sun warms up the days but the evenings are still chilly and then it’s perfect with a Cognac to warm up with, of course from one of the best, Delamain!

We have three different varieties from this producer who is considered one of the best in exclusive Cognac of XO quality. Delamain is located in the heart of Cognac, the district of Grande Champagne and the village of Jarnac.

The wine distillate Cognac takes its name from the city of Cognac, which is located directly north of the Bordeaux wine region. Cognac can only be produced in two departments of France, Charente and Charente Maritime. Then there are six sub-districts under these. The best and most expensive grapes come from the Grande Champagne district where the soil is very chalky.
The main grape grown is Ugni Blanc but other grapes such as Folle Blanc, Colombard etc. are also grown for Cognac production.
Curl up on the couch & enjoy!
Spring warm greetings
Inga-Lena Eriksson
Chef & Sommelier, Färna Herrgård & Spa

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