Explore shorter walking trails suitable for most people or longer trails when you want to fully discover the forests and nature.

Experience the beautiful surroundings of Färna

Take a walk at a brisk pace or slowly. Färna’s surroundings offer magnificent impressions of both forest and lake, in an area that breathes history and that was already bubbling with ironworks activity in the 17th century. The Red Trail takes you past Lake Lill and borders on the great Fern Groves, where over 50,000 blackcurrant bushes spread out in vast fields. Your picnic might be taken at the cosy picnic area, right next to the lake.

Experience the beautiful surroundings of Färna

Take a walk at a brisk pace or slowly. Färna’s surroundings offer magnificent impressions of both forest and lake, in an area that breathes history and that was already bubbling with ironworks activity in the 17th century. The Yellow Trail takes you past the lakes Lillsjön and Långsvan and measures about 5 km. Along Lillsjön you follow (for a while) Grevens väg, von Hermansson built in the early 1800s.

For those who appreciate lake views and want to be close to a swim, we recommend the trail around Lake Norrsjön.

On a walk of about 5 km, you’ll experience all the elements of the forest up close and you might catch a glimpse of beavers building or hear owls hooting. On the way back you pass the bathing area, with benches tables and barbecue area. It’s a cosy place to be, even if you don’t jump in the lake.

Lake Norrsjön is shallow, barely 4 metres at its deepest, and therefore often maintains a fairly comfortable temperature.

Ormdalen – enchanted forest and babbling brooks

Located in Baggådalen and is a 6 km long loop. Orientation boards tell about the natural conditions and history of the area. Here you walk 2-3 hours and rest in shelters.

In the Ormdalen you will find moss-covered mountainsides, rippling waters and untamed nature. Walk along the Ormdalsstigen trail or branch off for your own discoveries and adventures in the old, untouched forest.

From Färna Herrgård to Ormdalen it is 30 km, less than half an hour by car.

Click here to download a pdf with map and information.

Utterdalsleden is our latest venture in our efforts to offer trails and hiking paths in several different formats.

The Utterdalsleden trail is a beautiful and varied trail that takes you on an adventure through vast currant orchards, bright green troll forest, a bear cave, rushing small streams and even some slopes. The last stretch offers lake views and a barbecue area. The trail is not suitable for small children.

The terrain is challenging in places, but offers many great experiences along the way. Good shoes recommended!

Utterdalsleden in figures
Length: 8 km
Time required: 2 h (approximately)
Challenge: 4/5

Now you can walk from hut to castle and experience stunning scenery along the way – whether you start at Färna Manor or Kolarbyn. Read more and see the map here.

You can also park your car at Skärsjön’s bathing area, but be aware that during the summer season the car park is usually full of bathers.

In Färna, you can park at the parking lot reserved for hikers.

Underground Mostly forest path. Some parts of the trail are on gravel, and a short stretch through Färna town is on asphalt.

Length: 13,6 km

Utterdalen offers steep rock walls and large boulders, old untouched forest and green shimmering soft moss. Utterdalsbäcken flows along the valley floor. The water and the humid environment allow many rare species to thrive here. Here you can explore the area on your own or follow the old church road.

Outdoor activities

Here you can walk about a kilometre along the old church road that runs through the nature reserve. The path starts at the car park. The path used to be used by people living in the area to get to and from the church in Gunnilbo. Along the path you will find “Fjärsman” which is a large boulder. It is said that a dead man was once found here. For luck and good fortune, those passing by would place twigs and stones on the large stone. The nature reserve is perfect for strolling around and exploring the unspoilt nature with sheer mountain walls and streams. Many edible mushrooms thrive here, so bring your mushroom basket if you come here in autumn! There are no rest areas, but there are plenty of cosy glades with rocks and fallen trees where you can take a coffee break.

The nature

The area has old coniferous forests where moss spreads out like soft carpets. Utterdalsbäcken runs along the valley and the humid environment provides a lush vegetation with many different species. You can find, among others, the missus, the mowing flower and the small brittle flower linnea. There are many unusual mosses and fungi here, such as the stump-wire moss and the downy moss. There are plenty of standing and lying dead trees in various stages of decay. They contain a myriad of life, from lichens and fungi to insects. Many birds thrive in the area, including the common scoter, capercaillie and various tits.

A map of the nature reserve can be found here.

Stora flyten
The nature reserve is largely a roadless and pathless area. The mill trail crosses the reserve in three places. Just outside the reserve is Stenbjörnskojan, a rest area with a cabin where it is possible to spend the night. This is a nature reserve that is 1.2 kilometres long, but without any path.

Malingsbo-Kloten – nature reserve
With 50,000 hectares, the nature reserve is the largest protected area in the country outside the mountains. A large area with forests, lakes and streams and many different paths and trails to hike.

Through Västmanland from Västerås in the south to Avesta and Malingsbo in the north, the Bruksledan stretches 25 miles long and is divided into 27 stages. From the plains of Mälaren you can hike north into the deep forests and rolling terrain of Bergslagen. Six of these stages run through the municipality of Skinnskatteberg.

Walk a section of the pilgrimage route that stretches from Munktorp to Trondheim and is 85 kilometres long in total. From Köping you enter the municipality of Skinnskatteberg and pass the church in Hed, follow the old railway KURJ–banan through a beautiful natural and cultural landscape to the church in Skinnskatteberg. Then the trail continues towards Malingsbo.

Geology Trail
By car or bicycle you can get to a number of exciting places around Malingsbo, Baggådalen and Riddarhyttan. At each point of interest, park your car and walk to see exciting natural formations and traces of the Ice Age. High shingle ridges and deep ice pits are easily accessible and fully visible.

Here you can see the endangered Forest Bell and the Night Violet, hike in the primeval forest and see how humus-rich bog water meets the clear waters of Lake Skärsjön in the Aspebobäckens branch.

Lapland – nature reserve
The Lapland Nature Reserve is a mosaic of open moors, barren pine fields and exposed mountain slopes. The landscape and species are reminiscent of Norrland and give a feeling of untouched wilderness.

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