Here you will find lecturers that we can warmly recommend for your next conference

Johanna Kagerup, JK personnel development

Do you want an energy boost regarding motivation, collaboration, feedback, stress management, employees, leadership or other work environment issues? Johanna Kagerup is an enthusiastic person with solid pedagogical training and extensive experience in meeting groups. She is a popular trainer and lecturer who easily creates an open and permissive climate, regardless of whether the group consists of a few people or fills an auditorium. Take part in a lecture/workshop where you get concrete tools while developing as a group. Then Johanna Kagerup is a lecturer/educator that we recommend. She tailors what you want in terms of content and length of your lecture/workshop, but here are some titles:

“An energy injection of motivation and collaboration”

“Increase calm, focus and well-being – stress management with concrete tools”

“Employeeship and self-leadership”

“Create the best feedback culture where we lift each other up and feel pride in our work”

“Basic work environment training around roles, responsibilities and systematic work environment work. What does the law say? How can we make work environment work fun and inspiring so that everyone takes their share of responsibility?”

“Johanna has an ability to make the difficult become simple and easy”

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