Take an excursion into a wolf territory with coffee cooked over an open fire.

In the forests around Färna lives a family of wolves. Now you have the chance to accompany a wolf tracker on a refreshing forest walk to learn more about these famous animals. Take the opportunity to learn more about Sweden’s most talked about wild animals, the interaction with humans and the other animals in the forest. The guides from WildSweden have followed the wolves in the area for more than 10 years and are happy to t ell you about exciting encounters and magical yule nights.

It is usually enough to be outside for 3-4 hours. Of course we light a fire, make coffee and tea. Time passes quickly in the forest and there is much to see, feel and discover.

Price: Entry fee SEK 3,500 and SEK 450/person.

Time required: 2-4 hours depending on how much time you have, day or evening

Clothing: Warm, non-sore clothes and shoes suitable for forest walks.

Organized by Wild Sweden. All prices are presented excluding VAT.

This includes:

  • Introduction to the life of the wolf
  • Hiking in wolf territory
  • Experienced guides from Wild Sweden
  • Coffee

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